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With the consistent production from material production to Cold forging and precise machining, we produce high strength and high precision seamless steel pipe and aluminum extrusion. We present innovative ideas for the lighter auto-parts in the upcoming low-carbon society. Together with the customers, the Synergy group aims to keep creating new products.



Seamless steel pipe

Currently, nearly 60% of the seamless steel pipes are made in China. We put our craftsman’s spirit of a Japanese manufacturer into this traditional material. Over a number of improvements with our rigorous quality control, we are proud to present a new option for the automotive industry.
In our Cold Pilger Mill Rolling technology, all our know-how is put together to produce the high strength, high precision and atypical inside shape of the seamless steel pipe. By making the most of this seamless steel pipe, which became widely known as one of our signature products, we commit to make the auto-parts lighter by transforming the solid parts into hollow ones, and making hollow parts even thinner.

Aluminum Extrusion

In the process of lighter auto-parts production, aluminum take an important role. Ever since we embarked in the field of extrusion production in China in 2017, we have developed many quality improvements. Uniquely produced at Synergy is “A96010S”, the high strength aluminum, that are used in the production of automobiles in Japan. We add more values continuously to the Chinese aluminum, such as #7000 aluminum or the extruded material which grain size is controlled strictly.



Plastic Processing

In the past, most of the cold forged products were made of steel wire and bar. We believe that our high strength and high precision seamless steel pipes can lead to an innovation of new production methods. With this belief in our heart, we come together with the design and development teams from customers to produce many of our new products.

・Cold forging


Precise Machining

Synergy group has all started with the turning process. Besides the seamless pipe and aluminum extrusion, the process also contributes to the finishing process of near-net-shape cold forged parts.

・CNC automatic turning process

・CNC turning process

・Machining centers



Facility manufacturing

“We want to manufacture the machines we use by ourselves.”
With the voice of our staff, we established the company in which it designs and assembles the production and inspection machines under the group. Including the systems around the robot arms, we challenge to creating an organizational culture where the manufacturer of the machines and the user of the machines team up together for a better production.


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